Grenoble Software Event Report

I’m back from our Grenoble Sun & Partner Software Event. The attendance was fairly high with 190 (initial goal was 100) from 20 European countries. Attendees seemed to enjoy the presentations, the interactions with the speakers and the overal networking (of course, having this event in the heart of the French Alps was enjoyed by many). Kudos to Dominique for driving the effort for the overall event!

A lot of people (mainly partners) realized how much progress GlassFish has made and how competitive it’s become wrt commercial products (in addition to Open Source competitors). My presentation slides are available here.

During the GlassFish breakout session we had some interesting discussion about whether Tomcat was competition to GlassFish or not (I think it is). One partner even questioned the future of Tomcat given what he considers as its lack of corporate backing. Others had more advanced questions related to their use of GlassFish in production (connection pools’ ability to cope with failing database, ability to update default web apps deployed at the root web context) as well as some naming suggestions ;)

Of course, we also discussed the BEA acquisition by Oracle as well as the MySQL announcement. The overall impression was that both were very good news for Sun. Weblogic is a great product but the acquisition has Gartner’s Pezzini suggesting postponing investment in BEA (FR_fr) for the moment. MySQL is seen as an ideal complement to GlassFish although the price paid, and previous investments to PostgreSQL or JavaDB were expressed as concerns. Jonathan’s latest “Vortex” and Josh Berkus’ blogs explain how this is only a validation of the Open Source Database previous investments. I don’t believe databases can be compared to application servers anyhow and mySQL/JavaDB/postgreSQL sounds like a perfect combinaison to cover the full spectrum. Finally, while I like the “Oracle is buying the past while Sun is investing in the future”, that too is over simplified.

There was also GlassFish-related content from Roman, Jason, and others (identity).

Paul Sandoz being local he obviously presented on REST/JAX-RS/Jersey and looking at the surveys, he was \*very\* successful in getting interest from the majority of participants. His presentation was a nice combination of REST concepts, JAX-WS introduction and Jersey demos.

I had a very nice diner with Paul and Roman Strobl with local Fondue. Roman failed to join OpenDS‘s Ludovic Poitou and myself on the next day for skying but his fellow Czech citizen Kamil (a GlassFish and NetBeans happy camper) didn’t. Best snow and weather in a long time!

Overal, a great experience for what really seemed to be a Sun & Friends Software User Group event.

(event photos courtesy of Ludo)


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.