Java 6 is 365 days old

Java SE 6 was released one year ago. Have you moved to using it? In development? In production? Using and application server (GlassFish v2 is supported on JDK 6)? Are you a Mac User? :)


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Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. I’m starting to learn Java with NetBeans 6.0 right now and I am gonna use Java 6. If it’s available on Mac OS as well, I would even consider switching from Linux to Mac. :-)

  2. Used in production since 1st of November on application servers (several hundreds of simultaneous users in the french Ministère of Développement durable).
    And also used on the client side of these servers for rich swing clients in offline mode in case of network failure.

  3. Hello Emeric, So this is an application server running on MacOS X on Java 6? Can you share more (which app server, what the application does, etc…)?
    This sounds like a nice use-case.

  4. Hello Alexis,
    This is a transactional and centralized webapp on tomcat application server (2 instances) running on 2 PC servers with Java 6 on Linux. The database is postgresql.
    There are several hundreds of simultaneous users. They are from each DDE of the french ‘Ministère de l’Ecologie du Développement et de l’Aménagement durables’ (ex-Equipement). The webapp give users all that is needed to manage the ‘Permis de construire’ and ‘Permis de démolir’ (such as asking Monuments Historiques or collecting taxes). Letters to individuals are made in Open Document Format of OpenOffice.
    Java 6 is also used on the client side of these servers for rich swing clients. These clients are made in semi-offline mode in case of slow network or network failure: 1) these clients can be used with slow network by using compressed http and a local swing UI (updates are automatically deployed as needed) 2) they allow users to manage data locally while these data are asynchronously synchronized with the centralized webapp 3) the local app can be used offline, without a network connection, deferring synchronization to a later time.
    Personally, I am technical architect in the KleeGroup’s team developing the application.
    You can send me an email to evernat at if you wish

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