3 thoughts on “NetBeans 6 fcs pretty soon now”

  1. Netbeans 6 is very glitchy. I’m talking about beta1, beta2, rc1, rc2. Cant understand how can they talk about final release… I use netbeans every day to do my job and every day i upload these exception reports. And exceptions isnt only problem. Many things just work wrong or dont work at all. It’s also possible to install single plugin to ruin whole IDE (consider it throws exception when you try to access Tools menu to uninstall it).

  2. Survey wasnt about quality or readyness or presence of things you need everyday. It was about new "cool" features which i (and most) answered that dont use. Are you talking about showstopper bugs? I agree that i dont feel bug reports but i upload these dang exceptions. Isnt this feature exactly for that? Looks like knowbody even look at this exceptions database.
    Just look at competitors (IDEA, Eclipse) these arent only more stable but have far more features that everybody needs every day:
    – more refactorings
    – static code analyzing
    – import sorting
    – much better code formatter
    Our company choosed Netbeans because of its GUI editor and RCP. I’m quite tolerant to Netbens (even befory i mostly used Eclipse) but other team members just hate Netbeans for lack of fetures and instability (they used to programm in IDEA).

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