VisualVM – NetBeans Platform powered

It’s been almost three years that I first mentioned the NetBeans platform. The technology has since grown to be a first-class citizen in the NetBeans and Java worlds (with tooling support and books). The main difference with Eclipse RCP remains – NetBeans Platform is 100% Java/Swing.

VisualVM is a recent (and early) development based on the NetBeans Platform. It strikes an interesting balance between monitoring (a la JConsole), profiling (a la NetBeans Profiler, including a heap walker), and troubleshooting (new in Java 6). The platform is worth about half the application size, startup time is less than 5 seconds, and the application has a very professional look. The update center inherited from the platform isn’t functional just yet, but I can certainly see the value of this for future versions and plugins to extend the feature set.

If you’re in a Java 6 world, everything is really easy except maybe for profiling server-side applications which requires a fairly long time for the dynamic instrumentation to happen. Just like for JDK tools, VisualVM can also work on a remote process or a core file. More on VisualVM here.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    If you are interested in having similar features and much more in terms of runtime state inspection, diagnostics and resource metering for production applications running on Java 1.4 or Java 1.5 you should check out JXInsight 5.5’s FREE development edition.
    My blog highlights the main features in the 5.5 release currently in beta.
    As soon as we have made public the final release I will do a side by side feature comparison focusing on extensibility and production deployment concerns.
    Our Java 6 support will be ready in Jan 2008.
    kind regards,
    PS: There is a glassfish install blog on our website.

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