Making podcast progress…

So I pushed out the second episode of the GlassFish Podcast just before the week-end. I think the sound is much better than with episode one (I’ll try to find time to improve that one) but there’s certainly room for improvement. Any suggestion as how I should enhance the voice and sound quality are welcome.

I’m currently using Audacity and finding it a nice tool for podcast editing although it’s more geared towards music recording. In particular, I’m finding it hard to set correct volume levels. Part of that is due to the fact I did the interviews with a single microphone which I was holding like an ice cream while some interviewees were speaking quite softly and holding the mike at arm’s distance. So one of the first thing I do is split the two voices into separate mono channels. But even then, the Amplify effect does clipping and the minimum increase (0.1 dB) is still too high so I’ve been setting the Gain for each track.

I’ve managed to jump through the Apple hoops to get it listed on iTunes (not the most reliable or the fastest service I’ve seen). Now I’m curious as to what other “podcatchers” people are using. Talking recently to a GlassFish user, it seems that the runner up is WinAmp. Anything I should do to make this podcast easier to listen for the non-iTunes people? What do Linux people use? jPodder?

So far mp3 downloads are in the hundreds (400 for the first episode actually) with a reported 20 subscribers to the feed via feedburner (day average).

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