Whatever the application server, the AVK is your friend

With GlassFish v2 (SJS Application Server 9.1) now released, almost every customer I meet asks about the migration process and whether we have tools to help. My answer is usually two-folds: (1) AVK, (2) asupgrade (from an older version) and migration tool (coming from another application server or from Tomcat). The later part has been covered recently (at least asupgrade here and here) but most people never heard about of the AVK (Application Verification Kit).

The AVK is not a GlassFish tool per say. It’s a free tool to assess the level of portability of J2EE or Java EE code. It uses static and dynamic analysis of an application code to produce a report highlighting the problem you could face trying to move to another application server. It comes with ANT tasks so you can integrate this in your build process and even have the reports be part of your SCM tool to understand when non-portable code was introduced. Some more details here. Note that even if you use the latest AVK tool for Java EE 5 you can still check for J2EE 1.4 compliance using verifier --mode 1.4 (thanks to Srikanth for the hint).

AVK is good for your applications and software vendors should probably also use this as they often times have no interest in having a mono-AS support strategy.

Author: alexismp

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4 thoughts on “Whatever the application server, the AVK is your friend”

  1. Did you install the AVK on Windows? If so can you provide exact instructions on how it is done?
    I have tried on Windows XP with jdk1.6.0_03 using the option -is:javahome <JAVA HOME DIR> as in the instructions. On the InstallShield wizard it says "Searching for Java(tm) Virtual MAchine… Verifying 1.4.0 by Sun Microsystems".
    The alert pops up saying "A suitable JVM could not be found. Please run the program again using the option -is:javahome <JAVA HOME DIR>" Click OK and everything fails.
    It appears to be impossible to install the AVK tool with Java 6.

  2. Yes, you are right, it seem that the installer doesn’t recognize a Java 6 install for some reason (the AVK was release before java 6 was final…). Can you use Java 5 (at least for the install)?

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