A typical day in the life of a GlassFish evangelist

This one’s for Roman.

07:00am/07:30am – get up, kiss wife and kids good bye

08:30am – Arrive at the airport. No traffic.

08:40am – Smile to the lady at the counter and get a nice window seat with room for legs and easy exit

10:30am – Take off. No delay. Ideal flight. No turbulence.

(switching to California time)

12:30 – Land in sunny San Francisco and go thru customs. No line (ok, almost!)

14:00 – Get keys to the hotel room, shower, and relax

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

5 thoughts on “A typical day in the life of a GlassFish evangelist”

  1. Glassfish is so much cooler:)
    Roman: when will will stop crashing live demos
    The invisible blogger…Than can answer 0+71=71

  2. Ahh – you missed out on the Upper Class upgrade?! How about the lounge access :-D
    No, I’m not jealous at all! It’s only been 2 years or something. :-(

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