More about βloglines (2)

I believe I’ve been using for long enough to comment further.

– I’m still seeing some sync problems between the the number of new posts shown on the left column and the actual number. This forces me to explicitly click on “Mark All As Read”.

– I really miss the smooth scrolling from post to post which is in the classic bloglines.

– Given the travel I do and the many different internet connections I use (home, office, customer or public wifi) I feel this new AJAXy version is just relying too much on the network to be there at all times (but isn’t every AJAX app?). I actually move back to classic bloglines to download entire pages of updated feeds (it marks them as read) for an off-line read. This begs the question: off-line anyone (even using gears)?

– One more thing I miss from “Classic” Bloglines is the smooth scrolling from post to post.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

2 thoughts on “More about βloglines (2)”

  1. Hi Alexis:
    I’m a beta.bloglines user too and wanted to remark that your first complain can be solved in the settings page.
    There is a little option "Mark Individual Posts As Read". I understand that if you uncheck this option the behaviour will be as in classic Bloglines.
    About your question: I don’t read blogs offline since a lot of posts are interesting because of external links (SciAm) or the comments in the page (Slashdot).

  2. Thanks Julio! This could actually solve my off-line problem, but having the out-of-sync situation I describe still sounds like a bug to me.

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