A good keynote (IMHO)

I find Ted Neward to be an impressive guy when it comes to broad, yet deep, software culture (the JavaPosse folks come close seconds only because of Tor’s lack of interest for Web Services :). I was particularly impressed with the way he conducted the JavaPolis 2006 interviews. Really good questions and sooo many different topics.

I just got to listen to his Jazoon keynote from this past summer. This is a good one IMO: not a vendor pitch, relatively technical, forward looking, and funny (that of course depends on your sense of humor). The recording doesn’t have good sound quality, but I encourage you to listen to Ted talk about the future of languages and why they now matter more than before. The simple answer (hope I’m not spoiling the talk) is that we have a widely used and adopted JVM. Ted even has tips as to how to sell (or not) any new language to your boss.

This talk had me thinking about AIR’s ActionScript VM. Yet another VM. Parrott isn’t there yet it seems, so can Mozilla, Adobe and others turn their VM into a successful platform?

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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