Small is beautiful

Lufthansa (Regional) seems to have recently acquired new Bombardier CRJ900 planes. These planes simply provide the comfort of bigger ones in a much smaller form factor. The plane actually flys at 12000 meters (7456 feets) which is higher than average and has an autonomy of 2000km (1242 miles). Its cruising speed is 820km/h ( mph).

I’ve traveled small planes before (fokker and such) but I really never had such a comfortable take-off (the engines being located on the rear wing help keep the noise down but that’s not all), especially with the rainy/blizzardy weather. The rest of the 80-minute flight was pretty much as enjoyable. Nice experience indeed.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. De la pub pour un avioneur sur un blog Java. C’est original. J’attend avec impatience tes impressions après ton premier vol en A380 ;o)

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