Back from Milan – GlassFish and Sun Tech Days

I’m back from Milan. Three days with GlassFish Day and Sun Tech Days went by very fast which was to be expected given the agenda.

This was the first time we were having a GlassFish Day as part of the bigger Sun Tech Days event (and the first one outside the US) and I believe this is a good success as of all the ancillary events, only NetBeans had more participants (similar to CommunityOne in San Francisco, back in May). The presentation slides for GlassFish Day are posted here.

The event took place in a hotel in the suburbs of Milan. The first day had heavy rain which seemed to heavily affect traffic in Milan so I was quite pleased with the number of people showing up and staying throughout the afternoon, even with the most annoying fire alarm (when are you supposed to know that it’s for real?).

The language barrier was not too much of a problem once t-shirts were promised in exchange of the first questions. From the questions we asked the audience and the survey results, it seems that Tomcat, Spring and Hibernate are heavily used. What was also interesting to learn is that 50% had already used Java EE 5 and that several people were already in production with GlassFish V1.

Here’s a list of questions and answers gathered from those few days in Italy:

•  Q: How can I move from Zope/Python to GlassFish/Java?
  A: Most likely a rewrite, but you are not alone! Look at Nuxeo’s migration from Zope to Java EE 5 (Update: Nuxeo’s Stephane Fermigier is suggesting this presentation)

•  Q: I have a CMS application deployed on many GlassFish V1 domains, can I easily migration to GlassFish V2?
  A: Look at the asupgrade binary in you GlassFish distribution (see also [1] and [2]

•  Q: Can you explain how load-balancing work?
  A: A picture is worth a thousand words. The notion of sticky load-balancing is an important one. See also related documentation.

•  Q: I have an application running on Tomcat 5, how well should it run on GlassFish?
  A: Fairly well. Give it a try and report an problems. GlassFish supports some Tomcat-specific features such as valves too.

•  Q: I have already deployed GlassFish v2 beta2 in production, how can I upgrade to the final version?
  A: Again, the asupgrade binary in you GlassFish distribution is probably a good choice and this online upgrade blog post should also help.

•  Q: We are trying to deploy OpenSSO and OpenDS with a hardware load-balancer. Is there any documentation available?
  A: Maybe this blog post can help. Feel free to email me ( if you have further specific questions. I’d like to know more about your use of OpenSSO.

•  Q: Do you plan to have content-based message routing in a future version of OpenMQ?
  A: Yes, this is in the roadmap for the next major release.

•  Q: Can I use the clustering features on the Mac?
  A: Yes, the clustering profile is available on the Mac (setup-cluster.xml or upgrade to cluster profile). If you face issues, please file bugs on the issue tracker on GlassFish.

All the TechDays presentations from Milan should be available soon from this page.

Imola’s JBI binding components are described and can be downloaded from here: (CORBA, CICS)

Just as a reminder, we are still (always) looking for people willing to be part of our Stories blog. The intent is to share your experience with other GlassFish users. Ideally such exposure should help you as well and in any case we have a thank-you gift for going through the legal/approval process inside your company. We’re trying to make this a win-win situation. If you’re interested, please send an mail to stories@sun.comREMOVE.

Given for how long I have been reading his prose, chat transcripts and watching his recent SDNtv interviews, it was very nice meeting Ed Ort from the team during those couple of Italian days.

I will not spend a great deal of time bitching on the Hotel service. Others have done this well enough. Let me just say that between the time I started talking to the guy at the front desk and the time I received the key to my room, he answered the phone eleven times (yes, 11)! French service still has ways to go (it’s actually making good progress), but the one I had in this hotel is just terrible.

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