Is the GlassFish competition feeling pressure?

It sounds like BEA has noticed that GlassFish v2 was released with excellent performance.

Bill Roth’s argument about Sun using JDK 6 is just funny. Apparently, we should be penalized by proactively supporting new releases of the JDK. It’s hardly a deficiency on the GlassFish side if you ask me.

The GlassFish vs. SJS Application Server argument is just as weak. First of all, as Scott Oaks explains it, SPEC submissions can only be done on commercial products. Second, GlassFish V2 and SJS Application Server 9.1 are technically one and the same thing. No performance difference to expect whatsoever.

So Bill, when will Weblogic support Java 6 (released almost a year ago)?

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Oh, and marcf is also trying to dismiss GlassFish. Interesting how a fish can make people nervous.

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6 thoughts on “Is the GlassFish competition feeling pressure?”

  1. "Bill Roth’s argument about Sun using JDK 6 is just funny."
    Maybe, just maybe he was refering to comparing apples to apples and I’m not talking about the new ipod… jeezzz

  2. I don’t buy that. If you don’t have the support for the latest JVM as a high priority, fine. Just don’t blame others for using it.

  3. Man, get a break. It’s sad to read aggressive comments where it only consists of putting your company’s product on a pedestal and denying other’s people the right to comment on it…
    And bill roth’s comments to me where about an apple to apple comparisons…
    not that I give any sort of credibility to any sort of benchmark from a company anyway

  4. Well if you knew the work that went into producing this benchmark you probably feel differently. The "Apples to apples" argument has its limits. I mean maybe the wind wasn’t blowing in the same direction also…

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