GlassFish Update Center – what’s available (Jersey, Roller, JRubyOnRails, Phobos)

No, GlassFish is not an IDE, but yes GlassFish v2 has an update center (start it using the binary in GLASSFISH/updatecenter/bin).

While it only had a few updates to GlassFish and additional documentation for a while, with the release of GlassFish v2, we’re starting to see a whole set of additional features available through this delivery mechanism:

•  Jersey (JAX-RS implementation)

•  JRubyOnRails (using Goldspike)

•  Phobos for server-side scripting with Rhino 1.6R7 (includes E4X)

•  The Roller Blogging Server (the software powering Try this page (short slideshow of screen captures) to get a feel for how easy the process has become, from install to first blog post. Update: Dave has some additional remarks.

Make sure you also check out how to setup your own update center and write your own updates.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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