JavaZone ’07 – Day 2

I failed to get a tattoo from the Sun booth, but all the GlassFish T-Shirts were quickly handed-out.

Jason Baragry had a good session (good attendance) on Aspect Oriented SOA talking about JBI, OpenESB and aspects. Not quite AOP but rather injected transversal design patterns (authentication, caching, audit, lease management) at the SOA level using either a gateway of a more sophisticated weaving approach. The demo should be online soon (recorded using the built-in feature in the latest VMWare Workstation, but with a proprietary codec it seems. Need to look into this).

Tor Norbye had a session on Ruby tooling showing his work in NetBeans 6.0 to answer the typical Ruby developer comment “I don’t need an IDE, my language is terse || Java needs one because it’s verbose”. Lot of demos. Completion for Java code when integrating JRuby and Java library isn’t there yet. Looking forward to that part.

Interface21’s Costin Leau had a presentation on Spring/OSGi. Speaking in front of 80% Spring users, Costin explained that no matter how good you are at writing APIs, once you release something, you just can no longer change it without breaking someone’s code. Modular developments are key. OSGi helps you with that and Spring makes it even simpler. Oracle/BEA are contributors to the Spring/OSGi project and it’s a “challenging experience”. Hoping to reach 1.0 before the end of the year. The preferred way to create a bundle application context is declaratively (programmatically is also possible). OSGi dynamics is the meat of Spring OSGi. Listeners for services coming up and going away are available. Demo using Knopflerfish’s desktop manager and JConsole to observe MBeans. Backing out an update failed. Interesting questions on how to use this inside an app server, and combined use of AspectJ + Spring/OSGi (not for the moment).

I then spent some time preparing for my GlassFish presentation in the speakers room concentrating on the demos and doing the usual last-minute slide tuning. The presentation went fairly well and while it was the very last of the conference, the attendance and the questions were good. I covered mainly GlassFish v2 (performance, clustering, tooling, Metro Web Services stack, … and release any day now), as well as a few slides and a demo on GlassFish v3. No problems with the demos, but I didn’t show the JRuby GlassFish gem (see differences between various JRuby deployments).

Overall, a really good conference. Most of the presentations already have the PDF’s and the associated MP3’s posted on


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.