Swimming to Oslo (JavaZone)

The JavaZone conference (sounds like it is sold out) is coming up quickly next week in Oslo, Norway. I’ll be presenting on GlassFish (very last session on the second day), covering the very-soon-to-be-released version 2 as well as a bit of GlassFish v3. I’ll try to throw in several demos to make this as lively as possible.

My previous trip to Oslo was a very nice first experience in Norway. I hope this one is as enjoyable with the added benefit of meeting some colleagues and friends attending some great sessions. Here’s my “short” list:

•  Quick and easy profiling with integrated tools – Gregg Sporar, Jaroslav Bachorik and Jiri Sedlacek

•  Farewell to the application server: The server container anti-pattern and how to avoid it – Johannes Brodwall

•  Building scalable, reliable, secure, RESTful services – Dan Diephouse

•  POJO Scalability and Large Workloads with Terracotta – Jonas Bonér

•  Choosing the right framework for your web-application – Alexander Snaps

•  The Top 10 Ways to Botch Enterprise Java Application Scalability and Reliability – Cameron Purdy

•  The Hundred Kilobytes Kernel – Rikard Thulin and Ferid Sabanovic

•  JavaPosse, live! – Tor Norbye, Dick Wall and Carl Quinn

•  Building Enterprise Applications with JavaServer Faces, Spring, and JPA – Kito D. Mann

•  JRuby on Rails – Aslak Hellesøy

•  Java Persistence 2.0 – What’s New – Linda DeMichiel

•  Apache Tuscany – Building SOA Solutions With The Service Component Architecture – Simon Laws

•  Contract-Aware Web Service Development – Ryan Heaton

•  Aspect Oriented SOA: Injecting Aspects into Composite Applications using OpenESB – Jason Baragry

•  “To be announced” – Ted Neward (always entertaining)

•  Ruby Tooling, State of The Art – Tor Norbye

Some pretty hard calls to make in perspective!

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.