VMWare player 2.0, no thank you

125 MB of download and 4 full reboots later, I’m back to using VMWare player 1.0 (only a 25MB archive).

Version 2.0 would not even open a properly shut down virtual machine (already in use, file too big, ….).

What a waste of time!


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

One thought on “VMWare player 2.0, no thank you”

  1. Have you already tried Virtualbox (http://www.virtualbox.org/)? I’m on the aftermath of a migration to Ubuntu and I couldn’t be happier. On the other side, VMWare Server (last version) does work for me, but I feel Virtualbox to be faster. You might want to try that, instead, if you already have VMWare’s appliances around.
    À tout à l’heure!

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