Ok, so like everyone else I guess I need to comment on the SUNW to JAVA move. I imagine every Java developer will find this a bizarre idea and that was my first reaction. But frankly we’re not the target audience and seeing how everyone and their mother feels they need to comment on this topic, I’m thinking this is turning out to be a very good communication strategy. Oh, and this is just a ticker name.

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3 thoughts on “JAVA”

  1. The JAVA ticker is a terrible idea and a waste of money when the company is facing yet \*more\* layoffs– most people at Sun have no interest or use for Java in their jobs. So while it’s only a ticker name, it’s one that suggests that Java is central to Sun’s business, which is just a lie.

  2. Yeah everyone knows the Sun business model is a down hill ride. Mucho evidence of this, which makes me wonder how much longer they are in business… and whether economics is the reason behind the late open sourcing.

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