Is Safari on Windows good for you?

So you start up thinking you’ll be able to finer tune your web application on a shiny new browser and it seems you really end up debugging Apple’s product instead. Once every so often, Apple releases very buggy software (granted this one is tagged as beta but with iTunes available on Windows for a while you would think they’d get the rendering right).

I like competition, but I don’t see how Safari is helping and what it is bringing to Windows other than a content delivery platform for Apple to complement iTunes. I like and use iTunes on Windows but will not install Safari for the time being.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

8 thoughts on “Is Safari on Windows good for you?”

  1. I agree – and I’d call this Alpha not Beta. This is just yet another web browser compatibility headache for web publishers. I’ve tried the Safari 3 Beta browser and it malformats many popular pages like Amazon’s sign-in. If Apple wants me to test their software, I’ll be happy to quote them a pay rate, otherwise I’m about to click “Uninstall” and save myself the bother until they deliver something that works.

  2. “This is just yet another web browser compatibility headache for web publishers. ”
    That’s the point: Safari users on Windows equals more Safari users globally, equals better support for Safari on websites, equals better experience on Mac OS X.
    Besides, Windows developer will build iPhone apps with Safari for Windows.
    And Safari works perfectly fine for me on Windows XP :)

  3. I’m going to mark as “worksforme”.
    Seems not everyone is having a bad experience with it – I installed it under Vista and haven’t had any issues, as did the rest of the developers in my office. It’s nice and fast, and it renders the sites I frequent beautifully.
    Well, aside from the UI. I’m a mac user and even I don’t think Apple should be trying to shoe-horn Aqua or the Leopard GUI onto windows users…

  4. The main point of the exercise is to allow iPhone development on Windows– most iPhone users will run Windows, I’d imagine, just as most iPod owners do, so it’s a no-brainer really.

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