Budapest, fish and bikes

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary to present GlassFish at a developer conference. I think both the event (250 developers or so) and my presentation (a mix of slides and demos) went well. Most people had already heard of GlassFish and about half have had some experience with Java EE 5. Get the slides here.

Just like for Saint Petersburg’s Sun TechDays, there were translators which made me speak slower than usual. I think that this is actually good because I had to trim down the number of slides to about 30 for a one hour presentation and leave blanks for the translation to happen. I think it’s really important to help the message get across in the best possible way (ideally in the native language).

This was also a good time to discuss my suggestions for demoing (and using) GlassFish. Roman and Gregg later mentioned this in the NetBeans podcast. Thanks for the plug guys and Roman, you actually pronounced my last name very well! ;)

Now among the things that struck me while staying in the country (admittedly less than 2 days):

•  there are a lot bicycles with what seems to be convenient bike lanes.

•  on a similar note, bus/taxi lanes actually work!

•  lot of people smoking, really a lot.

•  Airport taxis use Swing on Linux

•  Although it’s been 3 years Hungary joined the EU, the Euro isn’t yet the only currency.
I only have one regret, I forgot to buy some foie gras

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