Consumer JRE

Being quite concentrated this year at JavaOne on server-side and GlassFish content, I did not attend Ethan’s talk on the Consumer JRE (né Java Browser Edition and aka Java Kernel). Some time ago I had written down my thoughts on how doable and needed I thought this was (and I wasn’t all that positive I must say). Now with JavaFX around the corner, this is becoming a high priority and a quick chat with Chet Haase has me more positive about the possible size improvements.

The numbers are now as follows: entire JRE (Java 6) is under 11Mb. HelloWorld requires a 2Mb download. Notepad, Swing Set, and LimeWire translate to something between 3 and 4 Mb downloads. The improvements over what I had measured as due to dynamic libraries (dll, so) optimizations (I had only looked at rt.jar which is only responsible for half the JRE size) or even removal while some others are relative and due to JDK 6 bundling more stuff than 5.0 which I did the review for (JAX-WS is the most obvious example).

Results coming to a JRE near you as soon as for 6.0 update 2.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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