Is Restlets the new Hibernate?

Jérôme Louvel has released Restlets 1.0. Congratulations to him and the team! Any 1.0 version is always something very special.

In this InfoQ interview, Jérôme is drawing a parallel between JPA and the new “Rest” JSR 311 (of which he’s an expert member). Of course he would like for his Restlets implementation to be the main inspiration for the expert group just like Hibernate seems to have been for JPA. So Jérôme is not just a good developer and architect, he’s also sounds like a good marketeer :)

In other comments on the article, I wish InfoQ’s Stefan Tilkov would add GlassFish’s JAX-WS to the mix when comparing Restlets to SOAP stacks. While the answer from Jérôme would likely be the same (“it’s not really REST”), JAX-WS has Dispatch/Provider APIs to work at the lower messaging layer to implement any protocol including RESTful web services.

The other interesting part is the use of GlassFish Grizzly‘s technology in the Restlet framework as well as the use of the dual CDDL/GPLv2 licensing model which happens to be the exact same as what GlassFish uses… All this and the future promised WAR packaging could make Noelios (the company behind Restlets) a good GlassFish partner.

On a personal note, having only been thru the basic Restlet samples, I can claim that what I like best about the framework is its website. Clean and simple.

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4 thoughts on “Is Restlets the new Hibernate?”

  1. JAX-WS is not really RESTful, and I believe there is no disagreement about this among the JSR-311 members (of which I’m one, too). But it definitely merits some more discussion – maybe even a few more articles on InfoQ. We’ll think about it.

  2. [Trackback] Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, a Java architect at Sun and a fellow at the OSSGTP (Open Source Get Together Paris), from Sun, has a nice post about the launch of Restlet 1.0.
    He underlines some good synergy between the Restlet project and the Glassfish pro…

  3. Hi there. A couple of comments: JSR-311 is not a “REST” jsr or api. Roy Fielding and Apache were pretty firm on that subject. We are also not allowed to namespace any jsr311 artifacts under anything remotely resembling “rest”. So or javax.restful are out.
    I agree JAX-WS is not restful at all. In fact there is a distinct anti-wsdl and anti-soap api undertone to JSR-311’s expert discussions (mostly mine ;).
    I think you will find less than a pleasant reaction to the statement that “Hibernate is the main inspiration for JPA” from Toplink folk, of which I am not one.
    Jerome is a \*strong\* marketer indeed! =)

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