GlassFish Day Update

Eduardo has been busy covering the work in progress for GlassFish Day (part of CommunityOne). The event is FREE and still taking registrations.

• Overview of GlassFish Day and CommunityOne

• Spring at GlassFish Day

• Jetty at GlassFish Day

• Terracotta at GlassFish Day

• JVantage now support GlassFish

• Do you have something Cool to Show? – Submit it to GlassFish Day

• GlassFish Day Session #4 – Visit the Future…

Once you’re registered for GlassFishDay/CommunityOne, you can attend any event (see agenda) and we’ll be working until the very end to made the GlassFish content as interesting as possible, so keep reading The Aquarium. Note finally that if you are an SDN member GlassFishDay/CommunityOne will get you a free pass to the first day of JavaOne!

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