Hello from Saint-Peterburg !

I’m still not sure if Saint Petersburg or Paris should be declared the most beautiful city in the World (according to me), but for this week I’ll settle for Saint Petersburg where I’m staying for the Sun Tech Days which are starting this Wednesday.

I’ll be presenting on GlassFish and JAX-WS + WSIT. Although I do speak some Russian, it’s probably not sufficient to give an effective presentation… So just like for my fellow presenters my talk will be translated to Russian.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

7 thoughts on “Hello from Saint-Peterburg !”

  1. I’m sure St Petersburg is a little different today than it was at the beginning of March, when I was there. I understand the river is no longer frozen, as it was during my visit, and that the temperature is above freezing, unlike when I was there. I see you’re at that fort across from the hermitage, on my trip I walked down to the hermitage, looked across the cold grey landscape with a frozen river etc, and thought, I’d rather be inside a building than walk for another half hour to see this fort. But, hey, even with cold and grey weather St Petersburg sure seemed like a beautiful place.

  2. Saint Petersburg was architectured (by French?) with Paris as a model, so it is a wonderful city, but it’s hard to beat the master:-)
    Ludo (Paris San Francisco)
    And give me a break regarding you not speaking Russian: meme pas vrai

  3. St Petersburg… at times i regret there is no devil, I’d offer my soul to live there.
    Beautiful, magnificent place… there is something in the air in St P. (n I did not mean pollution ;-)

  4. Right, although living there all year round will only get you an average of 60 sunny days a year and very little daylight in the winter. Can’t get everything right I guess.

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