While Oracle contemplates IBM going after JBoss, GlassFish delivers (and the winner is the developer)

Oracle’s Omar Tazi has this blog today about the IBM announcement about JBoss users now being able to use a migration tool to move to Apache’s Geronimo. So granted, migration is a cost than can be lowered using such a toolbox (although I’m not sure how much it helps), but the real question is why would you use your freedom to leave? Any worthwhile innovation, technical merits? The final part of Omar’s post has a pretty gratuitous comment on GlassFish, stating it’s never “… part of these battles” and “no one seems to take it seriously.”.

First, Sun Application Server 8.x (GlassFish’s ancestor) has enjoyed quite a bit of mission critical enterprise deployments. Some public ones are here, there and there.

Second, GlassFish has had a migration tool for a while, but a tool can only do so much and that’s really not the point. For new projects or existing deployments to consider an alternate application server, that product needs to innovate and deliver on standards. I think GlassFish does extremely well in both cases and it’s the reason we have people deploying high-volume applications on GlassFish today including wotif.com, one of the largest Australian eCommerce site.

So why are we not “part of these battles”? Probably because the GlassFish community is busy deploying applications, working with other communities, and making the product even better.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.