Java ES 5 is out

If you’re not familiar with Java Enterprise System, this is the middleware offering from Sun covering Identity, SOA, Application Platform, and High-Availability.

It’s called a System because a lot of work went into integration products upfront. There is the notion of “common components”. For instance only one version of a JVM is used by all products (still Java 5 for the time being). The end-result is a single installer for over 20 products dealing with dependencies, a single patching mechanism and now with version 5 a single administration infrastructure. Java ES is available as a single download (from 500Mb to 800Mb), but also as “Suites” for Solaris, Linux, Windows and HP-UX (no more compatibility matrix hell).

Main new products are Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSSE) 6, Web Server 7, Portal 7.1. Support for Solaris Zones is another big features IMO.

I’ve been covering this product internally at Sun for the field sales and technical teams, tracking changes, updates and I can testify how much work went into this release. It certainly removes a great deal of effort on the customer side having this all integrated, tested and architectured from the ground up to be a system. Hope you enjoy it.

Of course, there’s also the business model side of things as well. The System and the Suites can be sold on a per-employee subscription basis. This is the other important part of the equation which makes the model tick.

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4 thoughts on “Java ES 5 is out”

  1. Sun have a really strong offering here, but the marketing is very confusing.
    What has happened to the Sun Java Communications Suite?
    Does the up-rev to version 5 imply that it also supports Java EE 5?
    Does it include the Sun Java System Application Server EE version 9 (that is, the enterprise version of Glassfish)?
    I much prefer the version numbers over the “20050603” designation, but it should be clear which versions of which products area included.

  2. All good questions there.

    The communication suite is still there, it just is not part of the global Java ES pricing (the audience is not exactly the same).

    The is no support for Java EE 5 just yet. An update to Java ES 5 will provide this (with the integration of GlassFish/Sun Application Server 9). Note there isn’t yet a released Enterprise version of Sun AS for Java EE 5 (GlassFish v2 will be that version in April).

    I think you’re the first person I hear that likes 200x numbering better. Matter of taste I guess :)

  3. Thanks Alexis. All good answers there.
    And don’t worry, if you re-read my posting you’ll find that we are both tasteful individuals, in that I also dislike the 200x numbering scheme!

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