Move your Java Studio Creator domain to GlassFish (and the NetBeans Visual Web Pack)

GlassFish distributions come with a asupgrade utility (located in the /bin directory) which allows you to migrate a Sun Application Server 8.x domain to the open source GlassFish application server (Sun Application Server 9.0).

I’ve been using Java Studio Creator 2.1 for a while. Since all features are moving to the NetBeans Visual Web Pack which implies a move from Sun Application Server 8.2 to GlassFish v1 (or other application servers), I though I’d use this migration feature to move my configuration over to a more modern infrastructure.

Feeding asupgrade with the domains directory of the source (AS 8.x) and target (GlassFish) application servers, it recreated the creator domain preserving all the ports used, the applications and web services deployed, the connection pools and JDBC resources, admin credentials, realms and even logs.

Shalini has a blog on this upgrade tool with more details on side-by-side or in-place upgrades as well as the UI and CLI options for running the tool. asupgrade is available starting existing GlassFish v1 versions.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.