JSR 311 – Quick follow-up thoughts

– You can do RESTful applications today with Java, only APIs like Servlets or the dynamic part of the JAX-WS APIs aren’t the most natural approach (of course you can also simply use the Apache HTTPClient or java.io.HttpURLConnection classes, but Java developers deserve better than that).

– The target is J2SE 5.0 or higher and Java EE 5 or higher. Maybe Java ME. And the draft/early/out-of-the-blue roadmap mentions a final release in 2008 (so not related to Java SE 7 or Java EE 6).

– The Reference Implementation source code for this JSR will be made available under the same terms as Project GlassFish (this is the Specification Leader’s responsability).

– RESTafarian Jerome Louvel of Restlets fame is part of the Expert Group.

Marc Hadley (Spec Leader and WADL creator), Henry Story, Eliotte Rusty Harold, Dave Johnson, Tim Bray and others are all picking up the news and voicing someconcerns. The Expert Group is still recruiting. Hop on guys!


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.