GlassFish marketing needs you!

Blogging can change your career. Reading blogs too. It did for me :)

Maybe reading this entry will have you consider this job opening :

Boston Area, MA


Company: Sun Microsystems

Job Title: GlassFish Product Manager


Essential Functions:

Product Manager and community mentor for Sun's Project Glassfish

application server, This position requires a

knowledgeable and innovative leader. The individual will provide

guidance to the Sun product team delivering a productized version of

Project Glassfish application server as well as interact within the

Glassfish opensource community. Classic product management skills are

required (competitive analysis, requirement gathering, product

definition, pricing, positioning, lifecycle mgmt), which must be

combined with additional skills required to initiate and grow the

adoption of opensource projects. Applications should have product

management experience and a technical understanding of web application

development and the application server industry.

I’m totally biased but GlassFish is going to be hugely successful.
If you like to talk to customers, to work in an energizing technical environment (some great engineers working on really neat stuff), and would like to be part of the GlassFish Community adventure, make sure you apply now.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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  1. I would like to help promote GlassFish by having the logo on my website. Does GlassFish use this sort of marketing, and where can I get a suitable logo?

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