More collaboration for GlassFish, updated Eclipse plugin, and other news

Eduardo and Jaime are sharing the news about BEA’s Weblogic 10 using GlassFish’s JAX-WS and JAXB bits. The latest Geronimo Milestone 2 also integrates GlassFish’s JAXB.

This collaboration (coopetition?) is not new for GlassFish given Oracle’s contribution of TopLink, TmaxSoft’s use of GlassFish for its JEUS product, JBoss’ use of JAXB and JSF and Jetty’s use of Grizzly. Note that most of these technologies are available thru Maven.

In other GlassFish-related news, the Eclipse plugin has been updated (v 0.4) to work with Eclipse 3.2.x / WTP 1.5 (this was broken for the last few GF v2 builds). Get the updated version here.

Also, Shai is giving GlassFish another try and finding some major improvements which he things are Open-Source related. He also complains about error messages which are an ongoing task in the GlassFish community (the problem has been reported several times). Not an easy task.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.