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There’s about three or four podcast I listen to every time they have a new episode. The JavaPosse is one (although I’m a bit behind), and Roman’s NetBeans Podcast is another obvious one (I’ve mentioned Microsoft’s Port 25 and ZDNet’s Dan&David Show before I think). The latest NetBeans episode (#22) is about Seam, JBoss’ latest creation which brings together EJB3 and JSF with its jBPM technology to implement conversations. While Seam has a dependency on Hibernate (for Validators I believe), it doesn’t require JBoss AS to run. In fact it runs pretty well on GlassFish, which is Java EE 5-certified (JBoss is not yet). Roger Kitain (also a JSF guru) has spent some time making sure Seam 1.1.x works fine on GlassFish v1 and v2 while contributing bug fixes back to Seam. Brian Leonard (the co-host for this NetBeans Podcast episode) has spend some time working on Seam using NetBeans and presenting the end result (JBoss World, Sun Tech Days, JavaPolis).

Interestingly enough, JBoss has announced that it will provide first-class support for non-JBoss application servers such as GlassFish.

The GlassFish project is taking support of all frameworks very seriously, not just Seam. In fact the team is tracking a set of frameworks here. If your favorite framework is not listed there or if you have issues having it to work with GlassFish, let the team know.

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Note Seam 1.1.1 was just released.

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