Who said "for the first time I feel like NetBeans is ready for prime time"?

You trust some people more than others because they’ve been a reference for many years. I’ve read some of Elliotte Rusty Harold‘s books (XML in a nutshell, …), I really like the ideas in XOM (it takes courage to start something like this), I like his contrarian postures (Java interfaces are evil!), and Cafe au Lait Java News and Resources was really my way of reading the technical news before I took the RSS Reader plunge a few years back.

Well, after trying a couple of times in the past, Elliotte has some nice things to say about NetBeans 5.5, its stability, its look-and-feel (all is not good or else it wouldn’t be Elharo). Congratulations to the NetBeans team!

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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