7 thoughts on “Java-enabled browsers”

  1. You mean with a JRE installed on the client side ? Or browsers that could be plugged with a JRE, but not necessarily already with such a JRE installed ?

  2. This is ambiguous but what Google Analytics is saying here is the first one I guess.
    This, of course, is the experience on my personnal “Java” blog :)

  3. But do such metrics concern visits to one particular website, talking about Java?
    It would be good to see such numbers coming about non-developer visitors.
    Anyway, our customers pushed us so hard to stop java on the browser side, we are now removing all applets from our apps and rewrite them in DHTML…

  4. None of our customers (Fortune 500) told us about what Chris mentionned.
    The reasons are rather the one exposed at http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=741198&messageID=4250267#4250267
    and another one is that java PlugIn loading is really slow on low performance client systems.
    I know that latest releases are better than before, but today our customers don’t want to hear any more about applets…
    (And our Java developers are really not happy with this)

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