6 thoughts on “Why I really need to move off of Windows….”

  1. …and once you finally move off of Windows, only then will you realize all of the other good reasons you should have left Windows some time ago.

  2. +1, I have been wanting to get totally off windows for years. I have been waiting for a good Java implementation of Quicken to move off Windows, (never have figured out why Intuit is so stuck on not building a Java implementation of Quicken? — Maybe someone should do an open source look-a-like?). As a stop gap, I just bought a new MacBook Pro where I’ll run Quicken on MacOS. I hope that’s the first step in the final phase of moving off windows once an for all.

  3. Unfortunately I have to run Windows for customer-related reasons. However, with VMWare Player (and Secure Global Desktop) I can do most of my work in Solaris :)

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