Groovy 1.0

Guillaume (Groovy leader) is proud to announce Groovy 1.0. Everyone (Romain “MVS” Guy, Charles “JRuby” Nutter, have already all congratulated the Groovy team. Given the time and dedication it took for Groovy to release a 1.0 version, I wonder if this could be considered straight as a 1.1…

It’s only been 9 months or so since Guillaume took over the projet, so I think he deserves a lot of credit for turning around what some people considered a sinking ship.

I’m glad to see yet another promising language mature on the JVM. This one has been built from the ground up for the JVM which is both a strength (quite natural to learn for Java developers and already producing bytecode) and a weakness (a language out of nowhere needs to pick up steam). The ‘Javaness’ of Groovy is really important. I’ve heard here and there that while Ruby and certainly RoR is hot, people are not “willing to learn a totally new language to gain a little productivity on CRUD applications”. While this is certainly exagerated, there’s some truth to it and JRuby may well be much more relevant to Ruby developers than to the armies of Java developers. In a JSR 233 world, one size does not fit all and Groovy/Grails have their shot at getting a good chunk of the market.

It’s kinda trendy to have key commiters join big companies (especially Sun lately). This hasn’t happened yet for Groovy (although Jochen Theodorou was hired to work fulltime on Groovy). Now my personal Sun wish list to the Groovy world (or whoever feels concerned) :

– have Groovy run as an alternative to JavaScript in Phobos

– have Grails move to more standard Java EE 5 technologies such as JPA and JSF (on GlassFish of course)

– first class IDE support (NetBeans 6.0 in my case)

– read “Groovy in Action” (that’s my AI of course)

To keep up with Groovy:

Oh and I’m looking forward to the Guillaume JavaPosse interview… Tor predicting Groovy/Grails a great future and Dick being a long-time Groovy fan and user should be make this all a nice but long overdue moment.


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  1. No reason why we couldn’t use Groovy (the language) on GlassFish.

    I’ve also heard that Grails (the web framework) works on GlassFish. I think the current Grails 0.3.1 version has still a few problems with GF, but 0.4, the next milestone in SVN Trunk, works great in GF.

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