Media life –

I’ve been changing a lot of my “digital life experience” around me lately
– new phone,
new service provider
(including DSL TV), new home
I have yet to look into all the possibilities of these
devices. I’m
certainly hoping I can drop my aging Palm information to my phone and
have a better communication of all digital media across these
devices including my iPod mini (I have yet to buy
anything from the iTunes music store).

recently pinged me about SimpleCenter
(which BTW is going open source  under the GPL),
so I took a quick look at it and here’s the result of me spending a
little time playing around with a dev build :

– java/Swing-based (although defaulting to Java 6 would help)
– picks-up existing content (iTunes, My Pictures, ….)
– nice ribbon (no explicit menu)
– desktop integration (using JDIC
with Java 5)
– supposedly nice sharing and remote access capabilities, but I had no
time to really that part (that’s really the killer feature if done
IMO). I don’t know how DRM is addressed (the description only says "Support
for playback of Windows Media DRM protected audio and video"
Sharing with friends and family with the
portal seems to be the pay-for version (subscription-based I guess).
– overall a polished end-user look and feel and a very nice Theater mode

Not so good:
– unfriendly subscribe to podcast requiring copy/pasting a URL (which
– a few quirks here and there when using the non-English locale

Out of curiosity, some of the libraries used: JAXB (1.x),
JDOM, Jetty, OSGi Felix, swingx, XFire, …
If you’re even more curious, FishEye
lets you browse the entire source tree.

SimpleCenter 4.1 is scheduled
for… well, now.
I’m still curious as to whether this can bring real value to Mac user
who already have an pretty integrated fluid experience. Certainly Linux
and Solaris users now have something great to play with.


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.