BlogLines Latency?

I’ve been very happy with bloglines for several years. This free service has been improving on a small but regular basis, but I’m starting to ask myself why it seems that some posts show up pretty late (up to 6 hours after they were first posted). Maybe it’s time I revisit Java-based BlogBridge and its great synchronization feature.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

One thought on “BlogLines Latency?”

  1. Hey, you can have the best of both worlds :-)
    With BlogBridge you can publish guides as OPML and subscribe to those OPML sources in any OPML capable feed reader.
    You can also export all feeds as OPML and manually import it somewhere.
    Disadvantage: OPML doesn’t support reading status. That wouldn’t make sense (technically) as OPML is meant for publishing feed sets.

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