JavaPolis 2006, veillée d’armes

Cette année encore c’est toujours en train (à peine 2 heures) que je vais me rendre à Anvers pour la conférence JavaPolis.

A priori, la liste des sessions qui m’interessent:

– Keynotes : Marc Fleury, Laurie Tolson, Omar Tazi, Duncan Mills, Erich Gamma

– Java SDK by Wouter van Reeven

– The Java SE Platform – Past and Future by Mark Reinhold

– JRuby on Rails by Thomas E. Enebo and Charles Oliver Nutter

– Harmony by Geir Magnusson Jr

– JSR-277 Java Module System by Stanley Ho

– WS-ReliableMessaging by Paul Fremantle

– JSR-296 Swing Application Framework by Hans Muller

– OpenJDK by Mark Reinhold

– Integrating XML into the Java™ Programming Language by Mark Reinhold

– Server Side Scripting by Ludovic Champenois

– Hands-on Java DB (Apache Derby) Lab by Francois Orsini

– Closures for Java by Neal Gafter

– JSF update by Kito Mann

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.