The “enfant terrible” interview

I first heard about NetBeans in April 1999 in Paris (at the JESS conference) and met Yarda (the man behind the NetBeans Platform) a few years back when we visited a customer in Paris. So Yarda’s interview was nice to read and here’s what I found interesting:

– the new command line module for the Platform is available (I can think of a thing or two for non-visual but modular applications).

– Yarda speaking about his initial school project : “One of the reasons for the success was probably that the teachers weren’t able to install Java at that time and the screenshots looked pretty good.” tells you how much Java install got better (on almost all platforms) and how much The Gimp rulez! ;-)

– being an “enfant terrible” is a good thing.

In other NetBeans news, UML builds are now available from the Update Center (compatible with NetBeans 5.5 RC1).

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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