Visual Pack for NetBeans is approaching

Roman has a nice demo and details about the upcoming Visual Development pack for NetBeans. He calls it Matisse for the web. I beg to disagree, Java Studio Creator has data-binding already (allthough I hear not all will be initially in the pack later this month).

Other than having only one IDE (which is certainly good), the value I see in this pack is to have Java EE 5 support which means I can start mixing the WYSIWYG JSF 1.2 features with the JPA (Java Persistence API) and EJB 3 technologies (with web-tier resource injection in managed beans for instance) and deploy this all to the latest Glassfish (startup and WAR re-deployment speeds have become really nice).

Playing around with this should be fun and it will most certainly remind me of the Project Rave Technology Preview

Author: alexismp

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8 thoughts on “Visual Pack for NetBeans is approaching”

  1. Il faut tout de même reconnaître que NetBeans 5.5 va permettre un bond en avant en termes de développement web et de gain de temps.
    Remarquable démonstration :)

  2. Will the web pack include portlet development modules ? You find a portlet project module in Creator 2.
    I hope I find all the Creator 2 functionality in this web pack (and a possibility to add new ajax/jsf komponents !)

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