Facelets in NetBeans

After JOnAS support in NetBeans, another sweet news: Facelets support in NetBeans. Setup (web.xml editing) is done when creating web project and tag code completion is there also.

Component aliasing in Facelets seems like THE big feature.

Sounds like this issue will be closed soon.

Don’t be shy, file issues (including RFEs), they will be read and eventually implemented.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

3 thoughts on “Facelets in NetBeans”

  1. Facelet is realy the way to go on JSF ! We use this successfully on our website.
    Alexis, submiting RFE is good, implementing them is better ;-) So as you said, the problem is in the word “eventually” :P
    Well for instance, any volunteers on #72562 ? See http://www.netbeans.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72562 It is about implemening fast EAR deployment (directory based deployment) between netbeans ang glassfish !
    This is a key feature IMHO to cut down the developement cycle of Java EE applications.

  2. The good thing about open source is that when there a problem, you can fix ;-)
    Of course you can get help too while doing so.

    I’m working on webapps and the redeployment using NB+GF is really fast.

  3. Alexis, I’ve already contributed “some” effort to glassfish, jsf-impl & facelets for instance (issues tracking & contrib) … but this one is realy another story : it requires strong skills on netbeans (which I don’t have at all .. I’m a JBuilder/Primetime oldtimer ey !).

    I know NB+GF is really fast in webapp redeployment. But it is DOG-DOG slow in EAR redeployment ( taking aside the long lasting JAR locking issue #354 ) ! I don’t think Netbeans should focus on WAR only, because this would let Eclipse open fields in realworld enterprise usage .. and also minor the Java EE 5 global impact by “deprecating” the enterprise container (pushing the web container under the spot light).

    If you know any volunteer for #72562, fee free to forward this to him.

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