JRuby @ Sun, a first step

So by now you’ve probably heard the news about the “JRuby guys” joining Sun. This is good because it goes after a different set of developers and the more people we have using the JVM (and tools like NetBeans who’ll benefit from this), the better. Heck, even Basic developers are welcome!

BUT, IMO this does not help much the 4 million Java developers who are looking at dynamic languages. These people need some familiar enough syntax, constructs and new language features which Java will inevitably take time to implement (closures in JDK 7) or that would never be implemented because the risk of breaking something is too big (the Java language can’t be all things to all people or it’ll lose its touch). So I hope, as Tim puts it, that we’re not done investing and that this a learning experience. Anyway, welcome to Sun Charles and Tom!


Author: alexismp

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2 thoughts on “JRuby @ Sun, a first step”

  1. A great dynamic language on the Java VM is Groovy (http://groovy.codehaus.org). It’s syntax is close enough to Java that Java developers can feel comfortable reading and writing Groovy code. As they get more familiar with Groovy, they can start using Groovy-isms such as closures, categories, native list and map syntax and a lot of other goodies.
    Grails (http://grails.org) is a Rails-like, MVC web framework implemented on top of Groovy. It’s still early in the project, but it is already showing great promise.

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