4 thoughts on “Apple’s first Open Source step?”

  1. Well, “open-source based” isn’t really open source.
    Having said that, I heard RendezVous, some part of Safari (WebCore?) and a bunch of other pieces were made open source a couple of weeks back. So progress is being made.
    XCode should really be open sourced IMHO.

  2. Actually those things you mentioned being open sourced a few weeks back (WebCore, Bonjour nee Rendezvous) were actually open sourced a few YEARS back. Not to mention that the underlying foundation to the OS, Darwin, has also been open sourced since nearly the inception of OS X although granted that it includes large chunks of FreeBSD and the Mach kernel which were already open sourced.
    What happened a few weeks ago was the creation of a new umbrella organization and website to manage these separate projects called Mac OS Forge.

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