While away

NormandyThings that happened in the last two weeks while I was on vacation :

– Java open sourcing plans. Here’s my list of links: the portal, the Q&A, the audio (JavaPosse), the short (8 min) video version, and for a non-Sun comment Apache’s Geir Magnusson’s take.

– Java naming change! :-). This time, it’s just really trying to use the real names (Java SE and JDK) more than the code names (Mustang & Dolphin). Nothing really earth-shattering. Note that “Java Platform, Standard Edition 7” (i.e. JDK7) has had it’s first code drop (not much changes).

Solaris’ Dtrace in Apple’s leopard: http://blogs.oracle.com/jimgris?entry=dtrace_rides_the_leopard

– NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 is out. Great XML tools (see this for instance), but also UML 2.0, BPEL, etc…

– OpenSSO (based on Sun’s Access Manager product) is now live.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.