On Web & AJAX helping Desktop Java

Image1I’m going through old posts which I marked as Keep New in bloglines and in particular I’m reading François Orsini‘s JavaDB/Derby “off-line Web” demo. The story broke at ApacheCon late 2005, was picked-up by ZDNet’s David Berlind, and I heard the Drunk And Retired podcast (and others) mentioning it lately.

The use of Java Web Start and Pack200 (taking derby.jar from 2Mb to 600kb) are great examples of effective Java deployment and for those who think JavaDB/Derby should be in the JRE (for Desktop Java use) and not just in Sun’s JDK (boy did this decision generate many very different reactions!), it’s probably good inspiration.

JavaDB is portable, but so is the data it holds. You can move data around simply by copying files. All me need now is a replication/synchronisation mechanism…

Anyway, I find it ironical that AJAX and Web Apps are what could bring Java back on the client big time.

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Author: alexismp

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