Mashup end result

I hacked a mashup for the JavaDay in Versailles, France last week using Java Studio Creator’s AJAX mapping component (based on Google Maps).

It uses the registered people database, batch-processing each address through Google Geocoding to populate a latitude/longitude table. The batch approach is due to the hundreds of addresses I have to process and to Google having a (fair) one request per 1.75 seconds per Google key restriction. This geo service can return JSON-formatted data which is what I chose. Of course, I had to do a bit of address cleaning and resubmitting some alternate addresses (adding “FRANCE”, removing street name, etc.). I managed to get a 63% ratio of all registered people and 85% of those who actually gave an address (most of the ones that failed had spelling errors).

Here’s the end result: (I’ve pulled down the google map from this page because it was slowing down the entire blog. New home is here. I guess this Google Map JavaScript code has some scalability issues past several hundreds of markers. Maybe time to look at the Aerith source code or to the new SwingLabs Mapping component).

JavaDay 2006

(Use the “Hybrid” view)

I’ve only kept the first two letters in first and last names to protect privacy. The speakers have full information. Make sure you fully zoom out to see all participants.

I need to do some code cleaning before I share Geo-coding invocation, JSON parsing, JPA in Java SE, more Web Service invocation, Google Map markers construction, etc…


Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

5 thoughts on “Mashup end result”

  1. C’est sympa, avec ça et les adresses du JavaOne on pourrait modéliser la population de dev Java dans le monde, et proposer un systeme de collaboration des dev par zone… Mais ou est James ? Au pôle Nord avec le père Noël ?

  2. James est en Californie, à Menlo Park.
    Pour les collaborations/rencontres entre développeurs, c’est très souhaitable, mais c’est surtout une question de confidentialité des données…

  3. Petite question sur l’utilisation de GoogleMap avec d’autres composant (typiquement Aerith). Cela n’est a priori pas parmis par la license de GoogleMap, non, en tout cas, pas explicitement authorisé. Je me trompe?

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