OpenAJAX – Sun is changing

Sun joins OpenAJAX. A while back, this would (could) not have happened.

Sun has been investing in AJAX for a while now (for instance, Tor did a keynote demo at last year’s JavaOne).

We have the blueprints content/discussions and components, the productized version of 7 AJAX components in Java Studio Creator, the jMaki wrapping technology and its newly released plugin for NetBeans and most of that has been done with the Dojo toolkit (update: forgot to mention the new AJAX PetStore). Sun also has a lot of JavaScript (some of that is also due to Rhino making its way into Mustang) and AJAX content on it’s website.

What’s different this time is that Sun implemented (including in shipping products) the technology months ago (more than a year actually), retrofitted this to Dojo and now is opening up with jMaki (an AJAX federation technology if you will) and it’s just announced OpenAJAX participation (some said this could not happen given IBM/Eclipse were intrumental in setting up this initiative…).

Developers care about code and managers care about strategy. I think we’re quite uniquely delivering for both here.

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

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