Why I didn’t buy books at JavaOne

The JavaOne bookstore had many books. The best sellers were Josh Bloch’s, AJAX-related and NetBeans (even though hundreds of books had already been given out at NetBeans day). I already have Josh’s books (waiting for “Effective Java Reloaded”), I really don’t want to read an entire book on AJAX (I feel happy with what I learned online), and I already have the NetBeans IDE Field Guide (and signed too).

The book I found interesting was EJB 3 by Bill Burke. I didn’t buy it because I’m really looking at buying reference type of books that last and that have a broad coverage. This one focuses only on EJBs. I will wait for a book on the entire Java EE 5 platform. I really want JAX-WS 2.0 Web Services, JSF at the web-tier and EJB + persistence covered in one book with examples using say, Web tier and ACC (Application Container Client) resource injection.

EJB 3 with no web-tier resource injection is a little like JavaOne without James Gosling. Awkward.

Maybe Cay’s book will be it.

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  1. The reason why I didn’t buy any books in the bookstore is that in most cases you can buy these books for less at Amazon or Bookpool, have them shipped to you hotel in SF and you’re probably won’t have to pay shipping.


  2. Merci pour ces titres d’ouvrages ! Ca repond en partie à un post précédent… je vais lire le bouquin de Bill Burke sur les EJB3, pour avaler un peux de cet éléphant comme le dit souvent Bruce Tate :-) Non, sans blague j’ai suivi le JavaOne sur le net faute de pouvoir faire le voyage, et je suis impressionné par les efforts fait par Sun pour corriger les erreurs du passé et rendre le developpement JEE plus simple et plus accessible (GlassFish, documentions …) !

    Le code camp 2006 à Paris, m’a permis de découvrir JSF. Ensuite j’ai lu les chapitres gratuit de Core JavaServer Faces disponible sur le net et je pense pouvoir démarrer un projet test avec une petite équipe utilisant JSF d’ici un mois…

    PS: Alexis à quand une version Fr de Effective Java Reloaded ?

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