More NetBeans Matisse progress

As announced in its roadmap, the NetBeans Matisse gui builder is getting yet even better one step at a time:

Changing the component identifier name triggers all the appropriate refactoring (event handler method name change for instance) –

Improved internationalization feature allows in-line editing in various locales with every label/string outsourced to a resource bundle –

Author: alexismp

Google Developer Relations in Paris.

4 thoughts on “More NetBeans Matisse progress”

  1. any chance of matisse generating google ajax tookit output. i think would be a really killer feature (even if partial) allowing people to choose web or thick client deployment with minimal code changes

  2. I don’t think this is the role of Matisse to generate Google AJAX toolkit output, but instead the role of some other runtimes. For example, WebOnSwing
    puts Swing on the web as its name says, that is, generates HTML pages according to Swing code. WingS does something similar, and may be, other runtimes do.

    Instead of modifying Matisse, one may take a look at these runtimes and modify them in order to generate HTML+AJAX code.

  3. WebOnSwing and WingS enable to generate HTML code from Swing code. I wonder if one could generate JSF code from Swing. Does anyone know how far these models are to build a bridge (here, a code generator) ? And if it has been done in the past ? Thanks.

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