Thoughs on Matisse4MyEclipse

I’ve said before that I wasn’t
with Eclipse’s Visual Editor. Now so
isn’t Genuitec
. I guess developers are really the ones who
decide what is innovation and whether that helps them or not. On
similar topics, Jigloo
(an Eclipse plugin for Swing development) is also adopting GroupLayout
which itself is being integrated into Mustang (at
least it’s in the latest build).

Now, on Matisse4MyEclipse:

– It’s not there yet. There’s only a screenshot at this point. We’ll
probably know more this week at EclipseCon
– It probably uses the SWT/Swing bridge which may trigger some issues
mainly for Mac users (MyEclipse supports MacOS X)
– NetBeans innovates, and even developers “coding in
the dark
” can now see this
– The Matisse roadmap will be delivered in NetBeans first, which btw,
remains the only free way to get the technology

The interesting part of this move is the number of questions it raises
and that don’t seem to be really discussed by the community:
– What happens now with VE? SWT, “Did
we need SWT?

– What happens next with Matisse? Will MyEclipse forks/enhance Matisse
or will that be joined work with NetBeans? The later one sounds
reasonable to me. Tim Cramer, director of NetBeans will
be at EclipseCon
with Genuitec, so that’s a good start.

Now how about using Jackpot to migrate SWT to

Update: the Matisse roadmap has been posted here: (also added a link above). The I18N enhancements should surface as early as JavaOne 2006 (May). Interestingly, at the last JavaPolis conference, the I18N part of my Matisse demo (see this tutorial by Marek) is what generated to most questions…

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2 thoughts on “Thoughs on Matisse4MyEclipse”

  1. Your “NetBeans innovates” comments is spoken like a true Sun employee. Of course, no mention that JackPot is a pale copy of Eclipse’s refactoring scripts (and my guess is that it will be as popular as Jini).
    Come on, be a little more objective, you’re not really helping your cause by being so one-sided.

  2. And you are?
    As for innovation, ask Genuitec. I think they used the term “hands down”… Just why would they go thru the hassle of the SWT/AWT bridge to do Matisse rather than use Eclipse VE?

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