What exactly is a NetBeans Pack?

The NetBeans 5.5 Previewrelease with Java EE 5 (EJB3, persistence, …) features and the Enterprise Pack (UML 2.0, XML, BPEL) came out only a few weeks after NetBeans 5 was released.

There was also the BlueJ/NetBeans announcement .
I’ve already mentioned BlueJ which is great for the academic and teaching ecosystem. Now they can have a good tool to teach the language and OOP concepts and a way to move into the bigger platform picture with NetBeans, which is also great for teaching Java and J2EE given its extensive features, great out-of-the-box experience, and price of course.

Now here comes the Netbeans C/C++ Development Pack Preview. Only a preview at this point (no code completion for instance), but the foundation is there. Expect to see nice progress in the next few months (please provide feedback). Tutorial is here. See also Roumen’s blog here.

Expect also more packs (binary compatible extensions, not separate stack/silos/installs, packaged as installers but only really a set of NetBeans Modules) to be soon released, as well as features such as Jackpot, and others. Mobility and Profiler are other examples or existing packs.

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